Remembering Betty Dwight

Photo:  Betty Dwight ... Lachenalia quadricolor

Betty Bowker Dwight, illustrator of our book Rondebosch Common sadly passed away in 2015 at the age of 91.

She was a much loved member of this community and we have all enjoyed the generous donation of her artwork to the Friends of Rondebosch Common in the form of the cards and illustrations for our book, Rondebosch Common. After her death, the executor of her will asked the Friends if they would like to have some of Betty’s artwork of the Common and her photographs, and this opened up the most exciting stories about Betty and her artist family.

Betty left the work of her Grandmother, Mary G Coape-Arnold, the flowers of Clifton and Camp Bay painted between 1911 and 1916,  to the Compton Herbarium at Kirstenbosch.  However Betty, being the humble person she was, did not specify where her own artwork should go.  The Friends committee are deciding to either place it at the special collections at UCT or with her Grandmother’s work at Kirstenbosch. We are in discussion with both institutions.  {Update needed:  destinations have been decided!?}

Note: Lachenalia quadricolor was previously known as L. aloides