Common Cause Team

On a Thursday morning you will see a small group of people working on the Common wearing working gloves, some carrying braai tongs, most with big white bags with a red TUFFY logo emblazoned on it. They are our COMMON CAUSE heroes!

In the short time since they started volunteering, they have made an impact on the cleanliness and visual beauty of our Common. The first litter collection session on the morning of Thursday 21st January involved clearing away a huge mess left on the Common by a vagrant. We think it is no coincidence that a fire was deliberately started that same afternoon, 21 January 2021.

The initial weeks were mainly spent cleaning up litter under the Pine trees and collecting burnt debris that had been exposed by the fire. Some astonishing items were found.

The team is now expanding their activities and have started to do some alien removal. The first target has been the invasive yellow “dandelions” (sow-thistles). As different aliens emerge over the season, so our focus will change. If you are thinking of helping with alien removal on your own, please do contact us first to ensure that whatever is being removed is indeed alien! 

All you need to bring along when you join us between 9am and 10am, is a pair of work gloves, plus a weeding tool if you have one.

A big thank you to TUFFY who donate clean-up bags for the purpose.